Wodkit: Everything you need for your workout of the day.

Version 2.0 is in the App Store.

This is our biggest update yet!  We have refocused the app for you. We provide a workout of the day and a workout we call “burn”.  The burn workout of the day is for those who are looking to get a great workout without the more complex lifts.  Just start grinding.

Here is everything we have added to this release:

★ Hero Workouts

★ Benchmarks

★ Gymnastics

★ Endurance

★ Hotel Workouts

★ No Equipment Workouts

★ Wodkit Workout of the day

★ Wodkit Burn Workout of the day

★ Your Gym’s Workouts

★ Browse all of these without the need for an account

★ Track all of these lifts with a free account

★ Log your workouts to Apple Health to “close your rings”