WatchKit – Day One

WatchKit was made avaliable today by Apple.  I have had just a quick read but this is a key to categorizing the different types of interactions.

  • Your Watch app contains your app’s full user interface. The user launches your app from the home screen and uses the app to view or manipulate data.

  • glance is an optional read-only interface that you use to display the most timely and relevant information from your app. Not all apps need a glance, but having one gives the user a convenient way to access your app’s data.

  • Custom notification interfaces let you alter the default interface displayed for recently received local and remote notifications and add custom graphics, content, and formatting. Custom notification interfaces are optional.

We know that Watch Apps require an iPhone to run third party apps.  That is an interesting wrinkle.  What does that mean for fitness apps?  At least non-Apple fitness apps.  I hope to know more in the coming days.  I will put together some kind of proof of concept app to learn a bit more.

Also, we know that based on a recent press release from Apple that third party developers will have to wait until later in 2015 until they can ship full watch apps.  This means our apps are going to fall into the category of either glances or notifications.  It is not exactly what I was hoping for, but interesting none the less.

I will post something more after I get a little more time with WatchKit.