Icon and Default Screens

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As a cross-platform developer, one of the things that you have to consider are the various image sizes that are needed for your loading screen and app icon.  If you don’t know by now, Android and iOS have a variety of sizes and file structures to meet the needs of the different screen sizes and pixel depth of the hardware devices that they support.

I have put together a quick reference that shows the various structure and size of the images needed by a developer.  Hopefully, you find it useful.


[root zip folder] > [iphone]>ios files


[root zip folder] > [android]>[res-long-land-hdpi]>androoid files

All images can be included in the same zip file and can be extracted right into the project.

iOS Icons Size Android Icons Size
iphone/appicon.png 57×57  iphone android/appicon.png 128×128
iphone/appicon-72.png 72×72  ipad
iphone/appicon-Small-50.png 50×50
iphone/appicon-Small.png 29×29
iphone/appicon@2x.png 114×114  iphone ret
iphone/appicon@512.png 512×512  appstore
 iphone/appicon-144.png  144×144  ipad
iphone/appicon@1024.png 1024×1024 appstore ipad
iOS Splash Screen Android Splash Screen
iphone/Default-Landscape.png 1024×748  ipad android/res-long-port-hdpi/default.png 480×800
iphone/Default-Portrait.png 768×1004  ipad android/res-long-port-ldpi/default.png 240×400
iphone/Default.png 320×480  iphone android/res-notlong-port-hdpi/default.png 480×800
iphone/Default@2x.png 640×960  iphone ret android/res-notlong-port-ldpi/default.png 240×320
 iphone/Default-Landscape@2x.png 1536 x 2008  ipad android/res-notlong-port-mdpi/default.png 320×480
 iphone/Default-Portrait@2x.png 2048 x 1496  ipad
android/res-notlong-land-mdpi/default.png 480×320
android/res-notlong-land-ldpi/default.png 320×240
android/res-notlong-land-hdpi/default.png 800×480
android/res-long-land-ldpi/default.png 400×240
android/res-long-land-hdpi/default.png 800×480

There are additional icons that are needed if the app will be using social networking.  Many social sites allow you to add an icon in the authentication screen to so users are comfortable with the fact that the app is asking for the ability to access social data.

Social Network icons Size Note
facebook.png 16×16 Appears next to your app name throughout Facebook (16×16)
facebook75.png 75×75 Appears in authorization dialogs, search results, and the app directory (75×75)
twitter.png 100×100